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Without Rival

I absolutely love the way Lisa writes.  The way she takes her obtained wisdom and supports it with God's Word becomes the foundation for our growth.  We have read many of her books in our bookclub, however, I think Lioness Arising will soon become my personal favorite.  Below I will attempt to share with you some of my favorite parts of each chapter as we complete them.  Hope you enjoy and grow.

Chapter 1

Chapter one begins with beautiful transparency; showing us how similar we all are.  Lisa shares a dream/vision from God and the unfavorable response of a friend.  Regarding her friends response Lisa writes, "She had only voiced what she saw obviously reflected in me" (pg 8).  What a powerful sentence.  How often we receive undesirable comments, yet they are actually our own reflection.  Lisa ends this paragraph by stating, "I was tired of being a longterm restoration project."  Oh, how I can relate to this.

Lisa shares the different identities we get caught up in; wife, mother, teacher, etc.  Yet to God we are "simply daughter" (pg 10).  The "I Am's" of  Ephesians, chapter 1 comes to my mind.  I can't help but think how my life will change as I focus on being His daughter, His chosen girl, His beloved, as I fulfill my blessings as a wife, mother, teacher, etc.

Lisa ends the chapter excitedly with God's invitation:  "Daughters, look at the lioness.  Watch her closely.  Let her awaken your untamed nature, your fierce beauty, and your unbridled strength so you can rise up and be the courageous women I have called you to be."

I am ready to rise and walk with my King!
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