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Mom's on the Move

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  • Donations are Tax-Deductible

  • Full Kelley Blue Book Value

  • Immediately Make an Impact

  • Help on a Community Level

  • Pick-Up Available

The used car lot wants to give you pennies for your trade-in...? Tired of staring at the old station wagon in the yard collecting dust and spiders? Consider getting a tax-deduction for the entire KBB value of your vehicle and help a Mom in the process. We joyfully accept all running or non-working vehicles. Cleaning and repairs are made to all donated vehicles, making them safe for Mom and Child. We also provide a car seats.


Providing this kind of a resource for a struggling family can change things around completely.  Our evidence comes from, who cites two Department of Housing and Urban Development demonstration programs: Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing and Welfare to Work Vouchers. Both were designed to test whether housing choice vouchers—that is, subsidies that allowed participants to choose where they live—propelled low-income households into greater economic security.

Taken together, data sets from these studies allowed us to examine neighborhood quality, neighborhood satisfaction, and employment outcomes for almost 12,000 families from 10 cities: Atlanta, Augusta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Spokane.

The results? Housing voucher recipients with cars tended to live and remain in higher-opportunity neighborhoods—places with lower poverty rates, higher social status, stronger housing markets, and lower health risks. Cars are also associated with improved neighborhood satisfaction and better employment outcomes. Among Moving to Opportunity families, those with cars were twice as likely to find a job and four times as likely to remain employed.

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