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Wound healing is exhausting, hard work. You have to re-visit things that seem like huge scary monsters, lurking in your past. The truth is once you visit them with Jesus, they aren't so scary after all. Put your trust in God; it's simple, not always easy. Putting your trust in God takes work in the beginning. Make it your new habit. Instead of opening Facebook first thing every morning, open your bible or devotion. Pay attention to what you are trusting throughout your day. When the anxiety of changes starts to surface, picture yourself literally handing the anxiety to God; trust Him with it. You will find new strength. When you trust in the Lord you truly are provided this amazing strength, unlike any you have experienced before. I don't know how, but I know it to be true! As you place your burdens into the hands of God, as you experience your new found strength, you begin to soar. Soaring is peaceful, exhilarating, stunning, prodigious! You are now able to take the hand of Jesus, walk through the wound and not grow faint, run and not grow weary. God is in the wound healing business, but you have to let Him heal the wounds. You must do the work, with Him.

Put your trust in the Lord, and let healing begin.


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