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Angel Wings

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. (Psalm 138.8)

"There is a divine mystery in suffering, one that has a strange and supernatural power and has never been completely understood by human reason. No one has ever developed a deep level of spirituality or holiness without experiencing a great deal of suffering. When a person who suffers reaches a point where he can be calm and care free, inwardly smiling at his own suffering, and no longer asking God to be delivered from it, then the suffering has accomplished its blessed ministry, perseverance has 'finish[ed] its work' (James 1:4), and the pain of the Crucifixion has begun to weave itself into a crown. from Soul Food" Streams in the Desert

There is a peace that comes when the suffering has accomplished its ministry; a peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). When the delivering from the suffering is received by us, and used for His kingdom, (which is it's purpose) our blessings, (resulting in peace) are received. When perseverance (steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success) is used in the suffering, AND the healing, it's work is finished.

"The pain of the crucifixion has begun to weave itself into a crown."

The suffering becomes the blessing.

The main thing is to suffer without being discouraged.

Francois Fenelon

The heart that serves, and loves, and clings,

Hears everywhere the rush of angel wings.

Streams of the Desert

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