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Today I complete another step in my healing journey!

I have technically completed my Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with my main Area of Study in Social Science, and a minor in Psychology.

I claim this success as part of my healing journey because I was told as a child I would never amount to anything, I would be sick my whole life. There have been multiple parts of denouncing this evil spoken over my life. The first part was the gift of physical healing from God; I was healed of Crohn's Disease nine years ago, and lymphoma 4 years ago. I was sick the majority of my life; not anymore. The medical profession said I would never live to see fifty; I am 58 as of this writing.

The second is my emotional healing journey, resulting in Wounded Refuge, and the ability to help others. A couple months ago, I was looking at completing this degree as the day I would prove this curse as false. God showed me I was wrong, I had already proven it as false. Through the gift of Jesus, and God's mercy and grace, I was already of value; had amounted to something. Today I know the truth of who I am. I am a joint heir in Christ, adopted, loved, and His special girl. I am sick no more, because my heart is healed, and the home of my Savior. I have amounted to something, because I have always been of value, as His creation.

Today I break, even further away, from the lies, and walk a little taller in the Truth. I continue to fly up to the sky; I walk out of darkness and into the light.

Today I completed school (until October when I start the masters program, sigh...).


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