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Our testimonials are the realization of our mission. We use these words to shape our goals, so we can better serve those The Lord sets in our path.
Image by Billy Pasco


When I got to Wounded Refuge I was withdrawn.  I felt scared, I didn’t trust anybody.  All I had was emotion, like I had no  reason for existing.  For me it’s about getting the tools I didn’t have, yet needed.  It’s about gaining trust.  This group of women embraced me and became family.  Now I know who I am, I am the daughter of the King.  Now I have the strength to no longer allow anybody to take away my power.  I do have power, and it is up to me who I give it to.  Today I stand tall, hold my head high and look people in the eye.

Image by Warren Wong

Linda G

When I came to Wounded Refuge, I didn’t realize I could have a voice.  I knew nothing about boundaries, or how I should be treated as a woman.  By going to the meetings and interacting with the other woman I started to grow.  The studies and one-on-one time with Pam gave me my identity, worth, and ability to set boundaries.  I now have a voice!  I am able to see my purpose and embrace it with joy.  I am now able to help other woman overcome their fears because of what I have learned in Wounded Refuge, Inc.

Thank you Wounded Refuge, Inc.,

Image by Du Wei

Linda A

Coming to Wounded Refuge was the biggest and best step I have ever taken towards healing myself and the relationships with those I love.
I am learning to quiet the  voices from my past that tell me "I'm no good"  and replacing them with positive affirmations and the love from my Lord and Savior.  The women I have met have strengthened me, without them and Pam, I could not have made this journey.  Pam has given me a safe place to learn, heal and grow.  I know I have a long road ahead of me ~ but now I have the tools and the knowledge to change my future.

"Give me the wisdom to know what must be done and the courage to do it." Unknown
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